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Arches National Park, Utah

  • That Last Day of Vacation
    It might be a different decision for various trips.
  • Packing List for Two Weeks – Summer Season Step 1: Lay it all on the bed, Step 2: Roll it all up and hope it fits, Step 3: Profit Kara's Checked Bag 5 Pairs of Shoes: heels, slip on sandals, dressy sandals, slip on walking shoes, workout shoesEvent attire: dress for the wedding and … Read more
  • Cutting in Line
    Trusted Traveler Programs TSA Pre-check, Global Entry, Clear The links above will direct you to the main pages for their program. We wanted to discuss the benefits, the things not so beneficial (if we can think of anything), and the process we went through to get our … Read more
  • Tim’s Tips To Traveling
    (they call me Alliteration Tim) 1. If you can spare the money…check your bag. I have found that there is less hassle in the airports if you keep to just your small personal bag, and not have to lug around a larger one, even if it has … Read more
  • Mistakes Kara’s made while traveling
    Hopefully you can learn from them. I have been traveling since I can remember. I was flying by myself as soon as I was old enough to do so (Cheap flights has a nice article about unaccompanied minors) and I try to always say yes to an … Read more

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